Research Opportunities


Will you hire me as a PhD student?

Maybe! The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Michigan State University follows an annual admission process with applications due in December. The process is competitive and the application materials require consideration. They should show a record of accomplishment and state research interests that complement my own. It's best to argue why the EES department and, importantly, my research program are a great match for you. For a better idea of what the department is and who I am, please examine our websites carefully, read my publications for details of the work that I have done, and contact me with specific questions.

Will you hire me as a post-doc?

Maybe! Post-doc positions are limited but contact me to begin a conversation. I will likely ask you to apply for a postdoc fellowship, which I will help you develop, but come prepared with ideas for a one to two year research plan.

Will you hire me as a Spartan undergraduate?

Probably! While paid undergraduate research positions are limited, I am always looking for dedicated students. You should have a confident background in math and the physical sciences. Look around my website and published papers to get a good sense of what I do. Contact me after you have identified our shared interests and want to explore independent study options and/or a paid position.